Steven Saus

author, coder, educator, sociologist, and nuclear medicine technologist

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About Me

I have experience in qualitative and quantitative social research, education, creating written materials (both fiction and non-fiction), medical imaging (both X-ray and Nuclear Medicine), the military, web design, and programming experience in multiple languages, having self-taught myself what I know. I have been a frequent presenter and panelist at both literary and academic conventions, and have professionally formatted and published books in print and electronic formats. You can read more and find links to the rest of the things I do over at my main page, or at my blog.

Why I code

I am very motivated by “Hey, that program doesn’t work the way I want it to! Let’s bend it to my will!” While my code isn’t always optimized, I’ve worked pretty hard to make it:

  1. A learning experience for me that fixes a problem/need I have.
  2. Easy to figure out how it works
  3. Resistant to bitrot ( shakes fist at all the abandoned python2 programs )
  4. Able for someone else to come along and fix any bitrot that happens if I’m not able or around to do it myself.

That’s led to a lot of these being in BASH. There’s some BASHisms throughout, so they’re not exactly POSIX-compliant, but hopefully they’re close enough that someone who is better at such than I can easily tweak them.

Programming Work


Create side and top bars in tmux easily, along with a “devour” style command.


Modular scripts to take text, images, and links from RSS feeds and push to social media


A script in bash (with some assorted tools) to collect info about available bandwidth and to perform traffic shaping


A script to output who all is actively connected to your DD-WRT router


A selfhosted way to create images with quotations using fortune, imgmagick, and to create your own quotation porn.


Automatic MPD “smart playlist” creator in bash with minimal but hackable setup.


Clean a series of links, resolving redirects and finding Wayback results if page is gone


Enhanced, modular, bookmarking for newsboat, newsbeuter, or (for that matter) anything that can pass a title and an URL to a program.


Transform your e-mail newsletters into webpages and an RSS feed.


A GUI/TUI addressbook searcher/viewer for use with a mess of vcards


Find the right manpage or cheatsheet, easily.


Parsing and converting documents on the fly in the terminal (or with a terminal popup)


BASH/YAD script to Read and fix PDF tags in filenames and exif metadata


Simplifying (I hope) UFW and iptables, includes a utility to get blocklists and incorporate them.


Download and display album art or display embedded (or folder-based) album art. Designed to work with MPD, the music player daemon.

A bash script to get the weather from OpenWeatherMap and output to the terminal, Openbox, or HTML


Various music-related tweaks/tips/scripts. Includes fuzzy selection of artist/genre/album script and albumart in the console script